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Jamie Oliver’s Ted Talk Responce

What is Jamie Oliver’s main message in this talk (filmed in 2010)?


People should learn how to cook and learn what is inside food. Jamie Oliver also wants to stop the diseases that eating unhealthy foods caused. Also stop humans from dying young.


– What is your take-away?


This video showed me how children my age and lower (in some cases higher) are really uneducated about food. In the little documentary he took showing the preschool kids knowledge about vegetables, that little documentary explain how we humans are really careless.


– Although this video speaks to Americans, how does it affect YOU and we who live in Turkey?


This affects people living in Turkey most of the food that is in Turkey’s food mostly comes from countries like America. So that is why if unhealthy food are made which are really liked, it would globalize and go to many different countries. (including Turkey)

Humanities The Economics of Happiness_Emir

Part 1 = The people in the documentary gave a fact about the American families were all very happy in 1956 and has been slowly and steadily going down the road ever since. The questions I will be asking is, does this affect all countries or not? If not why, America? What I disagree with is that money isn’t always a bad thing. The idea I agree with is that they are trying to help the human race to survive. This video reminded me of our unit in grade 1-6 ‘sharing our planet.’ because this unit taught us about all about recycling and healthy living and how to get along with international people and so on. The thing I found interesting was their knowledge. I want to know where they get those ideas, and that the goods that are shipped are way more expensive than goods that are created locally. I actually like what they talk about and really talk in a way that they actually know what they are talking. I know they do know what they are talking about. What I mean is that they act this parts really well. I think someone has to start this change because as they said may make families happier than before. Because just doing a movie doesn’t help anyone. Someone has to actually do it.






Part 2=How does local stores better then companies that are globalized? But if you don’t globalize how will people learn about your culture? The idea I disagree is that if people that doesn’t share some countries may be starved, because some countries doesn’t have the materials. I think begging local is important to because you understand your own culture more. The only connection I make is globalization is kind of awkward when you think of our school and how the main plan is based on an American system and that is being globalized, because they are bringing up something from America all the way to Turkey. The thing I found interesting was that if they trusted and really said everything meaning full about localization than they should have given an opinion about globalization, because the they have to defend them self’s and the people who are watching this doesn’t have as many questions. I really like how they have a lot of perspective about the same thing, but the part that I don’t like is when they don’t give any perspectives for the people who don’t support the idea of being localized. So basically this is biased.

Weekly Brain Barf Week 4

This week was action week! It was a very good week. But it was a short week too. I finished my action before most of the people. My action was to teach grade 6 students more about economics and politics in Turkey. I wanted to make this special, so I made them learn from a professional. I made them meet with a mayor in Turkey. I think that they learned a lot from interviewing the mayor. Personally I learned a lot of things too! Overall it was a great experience.

Mentor Meeting

Meeting Date: Friday, April 3, 2015
Meeting Time: 1:30
Meeting Location: 121

What I achieved this week: I have made figured out a lot of things this week and it has been actually great. I have choose my topic and a issue which is= Topic= Politics Issue= how does economics affect politics. And even talked to my mentor this week which a lot of people couldn’t do.


What T-skills have I developed and used: I think I improved in my thinking skills because of learning other peoples ideas and thinking stuff in other ways and I think I improved on my self management skills because I have organised times with my mentor and used my time wisely.

What I need to do this week: Next week I need to do all the research on the questions that me and my mentor picked.

Mentor Comment: It has been wonderful to meet Emir and talk about his ideas in general. We looked at the questions and made them more specific what he would like to research about – that is why the TRL lost so much value against USD over such a short period of time.

Good start, I look forward to our next meeting.

Parent Meeting

Meeting Date: 8/4/2015
Meeting Time: 8:00
Meeting Location: At My House

What I achieved this week: I learned about my questions

What T-skills have I developed and used: Researching and thinking skills

What I need to do this week: Plan my action

Parent Comment: Emir game me a short presentation about economics and politics, and how they affect our daily lives. Apparently, he has done some research, and put his ideas and mixed them together. I liked the way he presented himself. Of course he need improvements.

Week 1

This week I have actually  done a lot of things this week. Like I have  organized times with my mentor and I made my question and concepts which made my job easier for next week and I will have more things to tell my mentor. I think I have made really good use of my time because I have done all things that is required. I think the only challenge was the question because it is really hard to find good questions. I think next week I will research all about my questions. The surprise was that I have actually going to meet with my mentor Mr. Kipmen this week. I think the skills I used were self management and thinking. I think I used these skills because I thought of the question and self managed my time with my mentor.


Are group was ok because mostly the boys did the work and the girls were not. They still did some things like finding photos and writing a bit. I was happy that there were no group leader because than they would not do the work they would say some else to do the work. Overall I think everything went fine we finished it on time and did the expectations.

Music Concert

I think we as an class did a really nice job today in the music concert! We played the right notes, we played when Mr. Spackman told us to and the best thing was we tried our best and kept on going even when we did a mistake. I think I was good to but I could have practiced more because in some songs I forgot the notes and I could not even play! No one is perfect so I think that happened to some people else to. I have made a mistake and I learned from it. Is’nt mistakes all about learning? Anyway I think I was good because I tried my best but the notes did not come to my mind. Over though I think we were great!


Emir Reading Responses 9

Dear Ms. W,

I am continuing to read Middle School How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, Snake Hill by: James Patterson.

In the book there something that is kind of like a prom night at the camp. So every hut has to go there and have fun. Muskrat hut goes there to. So they need to dance instead they go drink some punch in the conor. There want to stay there the whole prom in that conor. But then a math teacher called Katie Kim comes there and says “Who will dance with me?” Rafe was so embarrassed that he could have peed in his pants right there in front of everyone. Because Rafe loves the math teacher Katie Kim. In that moment that Rafe was going to say I would his sister comes, Georgia. She asks him that if he wants to dance. Rafe would usually say no to that but because Katie Kim was there he said yes. Than when they were dancing there was a crowd at the window they were looking outside the window and saw three women bras hanging on the flag of camp Wannamorra.

That is all I had read. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading my letter. Bye!

Emir Reading Responses 8

Dear Ms. W,

I finished a book called Treasure Hunters by: James Patterson. Now I started a book called Middle School How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, Snake Hill. This book is also by: James Patterson.

In this book there is a kid called Rafe. He went to summer school because of his grades. In camp Wannamorra ( the summer school) there are hut based on a animal like the Fox hut or the Bobcat hut or the Muskrat hut. So Rafe is in the Muskrat hut. He made new friends there. Like Jake, Cavanaugh, Norman, Jese, Noah, Justin and this guy that no one knows about and so Rafe calls him Legend. There are nicknames that everyone gave each other like for Jake its Dweebs because he already had his growth spurt… Along with everyone else’s.  For Cavanaugh it is Cav because it is short for Cavanaugh. Everything about Cav is short.(I think he gave his growth spurt to Dweebs. For Norman it is Booger Eater because he ate his booger when he was six years old and that nickname was stuck with him ever since. For Jese it is Smurf because he has blue hair. For Noah it is Two Tunz also known as Tunz this is because he has big bones and a big heart. Got the nickname as a baby and it’s stuck with him ever since. For Justin  Bombardier because he farts a lot and Legend because no one knows about him.

Thats all I read and I think this is a really nice book. Till the next time bye!





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